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“delicatessen árabe”, social project

Since 2014 I’m part of the team that makes possible this nonprofit organization dedicated to empower and promote the entrepreneurship amongst Moroccan immigrant females in Spain at risk of social exclusion.

We provide them with professional, digital, social and language skills to allow them to start their own business in the fields of gastronomy, embroideary and crafts, have better chances to get a job in Spain as well as become more independent in their everyday life.

We organize cultural events, showcookings and workshops open to the general public to allow them to put into practice the knowledges and skills they acquire, to promote the Arabic culture amongst the Spanish society and well as the social harmony between both communities.

We support too the second Moroccan generation, the daugthers and sons of those females, providing them with after-school classes to help them avoid the school failure.

Have a look to our blog to see all the activities we develope http://delicatessenarabe.wordpress.com

Delicatessen Arabe, nonprofit organization


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