olga fernández

madrid (spain) +34 696 93 02 81, ofd[at]olgafernandez.com

ux researcher / ux designer

20 years dedicated to making interacting with “anything” a pleasurable experience.

Working for technology consultancies and companies, strategy consulting firms, advertising and marketing agencies. Together with programmers, graphic designers, marketing and business people.

Researching users’ needs and experiences. Discovering what they wish, expect, like, fear, miss, don’t understand, why…

Listening to them, observing them during usability tests or in real situations, how they sort and prioritize concepts.

Discovering patterns of behavior, defining “personas”, mapping their journeys to achieve what they want.

Analyzing existing solutions and competitors, gathering needs to find opportunities to improve user experiences or create new ones.

Defining and organizing contents, features, functionalities, processes.

Prototyping from the scratch or improving apps, ATMs, online stores, corporate sites, social networks, online tools, government sites, portals, online style guides, back-end sites…

Samples of my work

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Samples of Olga's work

my cv

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